About Us

Who are we?

About us- thebuzzhack is a platform that provides the latest news on sports, entertainment, and E-sports. The mediums for delivering all the info are articles and visual stories aka Web Stories. If you are a sports lover and also interested in following your favorite celebrities in the entertainment world this platform is one way stop for all those enthusiasts. You will get all the details about them here on thebuzzhack. We will make sure that we manage to fulfill all your hunger for the aforementioned field. We are a team of enthusiastic writers and researchers. We want to share every bit of information with you So that you stay ahead of everyone regarding sports, entertainment, and e-sports.

What matters to us?

We want to make sure the information that we provide you with, has to be easy to read and consume. We will provide you with short articles and web stories on sports, entertainment, and e-sports. You can grab details on the go for sports like Cricket, American Football, Basketball, Football, and more. In entertainment, you will get the latest info on your favorite celebrities, tv shows, movies, OTT, and gossip from the industry whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and others.

In E-sports, you will get the latest guides, updates, upgrades, information, new games announcements, and news of different e-sports events from all over the world for your benefit and knowledge. We have a team of passionate content creators who will make sure that you get the best and Articles written by us will go through the screening of expert editors.

What do we do?

Our expert content creators are very attentive when it comes to picking the information about the sports. They watch the matches live and they stick to the social media handles of the players and teams and pick up the details from different official platforms and organize that information in the form of articles that you will get to read here at thebuzzhack.

How do we do it?

When it comes to writing about sports, it comes naturally to us as we are a team of passionate writers whose purpose is to live only for these sports. All our team members are such whose hearts only beat for sports. They have given years of their lives to these sports. Naturally, writing about these sports comes naturally to them. This is precisely why we feel that we are best at what we do.

In Entertainment, We have a team of out-of-the-box thinkers and fans who loves to follow their icon. All the latest gossip and news are on the tip of their fingers which they are eager to deliver to you. This is how we are able to do it.

How do we provide the best quality content to you?

What we do is that we assign a particular sport or field to the person who is the most passionate about it. They then write on it and come up with interesting and unique content. Our writers work around the clock to make sure that content is made available to them on time. Our writers want to make sure that they cover from the major to the small details when it comes to writing about these niches.


We organize weekly meetings and strategize how to provide the latest and most interesting content to our readers. Meetings that we conduct are quite open and we welcome the opinions and suggestions from all our team members. After brainstorming ideas with team members, we implement them through various levels that we have created in our business. We have a team of senior expert editors, directors, managers, and reporters who ensure we keep coming out with interesting topics.