React Native app development is a popular choice for creating mobile apps. When you engage in React Native app development services, you’ll also require specific tools. So, what are some of the key tools needed to build a mobile application for your organization? In this context, we’ll introduce you to some of the top tools for React Nativ app development. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring your project stays on schedule and boosts productivity. The tools we’re discussing here will enhance your work practices and make your daily tasks in software development more efficient. Let’s explore some of the essential tools for React Nativ app development.

some great tools for React Native developers that can help improve their productivity

To boost the productivity of your React Native developer, you should consider using some top-notch tools. We have experience with several of these exceptional tools that can greatly enhance your development process and overall productivity. Below, we’ll introduce you to some of the best React Native app development tools that you can utilize to improve your development work.


Atom, a React Native tool developed by GitHub, is a free and open-source text editor. It’s compatible with multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and OS X. Atom is built using the Electron programming language and is widely adopted by professional React Nativ developers for mobile application development. Some of the benefits it offers include:

Cross-platform code editing.

Smart auto-compilation.

Browsing through multiple files within a single window.

Built-in package manager.

Customizable themes and designs for mobile app development.


Expo is a toolchain built around React Nativ that allows developers to create Android and iOS mobile applications. It primarily uses JavaScript and React Native. Expo is a free tool but not open source. 

Reasons to consider Expo for your projects:

Development without needing Xcode or Android Studio.

Easy access to nativ APIs for Android and iOS through the Expo SDK.

Includes useful UI components like blur views and icons.

Supports over-the-air updates without the need for additional tools.

Reasons to avoid Expo:

Limited availability of certain APIs, such as Bluetooth and WebRTC.

Limited support for background code execution or background audio when the device is sleeping.

Requires the use of the bare workflow for specific push notification services.

ESLint and TSLint React Native Development Tools

Both ESLint and TSLint are powerful tools for React Native app development, and you can choose the one that suits your expertise. ESLint is a great choice for JavaScript developers, while TSLint is tailored for TypeScript enthusiasts. These tools help you identify problematic code that doesn’t adhere to coding guidelines, and they offer the following features:

Easy rule customization.

User-friendly interface.

Pluggable options.

Flow React Native Development Tool

Flow is a recommended tool for React Nativ development, providing unique static typing features. It’s favored for its ability to help developers write faster, more reliable, and efficient code. Flow is free and open source and offers the following services:

Customizable JavaScript.

Type inference.

Real-time feedback.

Easy integration.

Nuclide – An Open-Source React Native Development Tool

Nuclide, another tool crafted by Facebook, is a free and open-source solution with a thriving community. It supports remote development, debugging, and various development tasks, including Hack development, JavaScript development, task running, and Mercurial support.

Visual Studio Code for React Native Development

Visual Studio Code, a Microsoft product, is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that simplifies coding in multiple languages. It offers features such as streamlined debugging, extensibility for different languages, seamless GitHub integration, customizability, and intelligent auto-completion.

Reactotron – A React Native Development Tool

Reactotron is a desktop application developed by Infinite Red for React Nativ developers. It provides real-time insights into app performance, with features like real-time application state tracking, monitoring API requests and responses, dispatching actions, quick benchmarking, and console.log messages.

Redux – A React Native Development Tool

Redux is a popular tool among React Native developers due to its live code editing and time-traveling debugger capabilities. It simplifies application testing and can be used for building applications for various environments.

React Navigation – Streamlined Routing and Navigation

React Navigation excels in handling routing and navigation within React Native applications. It offers a wide range of transition options, including tab bars, stack navigation, drawer navigation, and deep linking. It’s highly customizable and extensible.

Ignite CLI – A Comprehensive React Native Toolchain

Ignite CLI, developed by Infinite Red, is a versatile toolchain featuring boilerplates and plugins for React Native. It’s free and open source, offering usage examples, components, customizable themes, and API testing.

InVision – A Valuable React Native Design Tool

InVision is a free and open-source design tool that excels in creating exceptional user experiences through designing, animation, collaboration, and prototyping. React Native developers appreciate its ease of use, seamless transitions, and centralized brand and UX documentation management.

These tools can significantly improve the development process and enhance the productivity of your React Native projects. Choose the ones that best fit your specific needs and expertise to streamline your development workflow.


the React Native development tools mentioned earlier are designed to make the process of creating apps faster and easier. They are useful for both experienced and new developers. However, choosing the right tool can be a bit tricky. To make things simpler, you might want to think about hiring a company that specializes in React Native app development and has skilled developers. This can help ensure a smoother and more efficient development journey if you’re in need of a professional team for your company.


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