Social Media Feud Erupts Between Former Michigan Star and Ohio State Coach

On Thursday night, a notable exchange took place on Twitter involving Taylor Lewan, the former star offensive lineman from Michigan, and Zach Smith, an ex-assistant coach from Ohio State. This Twitter interaction stemmed from an incident that unfolded on Wednesday when Smith shared a video showcasing Connor Stalions, a Michigan staff member at the center of a sign-stealing controversy. The video depicted Stalions on the sideline during a game against Michigan State from the previous season.

In the shared video, Smith raised concerns about Stalions’ actions, commenting, “Hmmmm… informing the offensive coordinator about ‘Edge Pressure’ by the defense before the play. Unfair play, these Michigan supporters are refusing to accept it.” Smith’s remarks were directed at Stalions’ communication with offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, as observed in the video clip.

The individual at the line of scrimmage wearing a safety helmet 🤡. The only plausible explanation for their knowledge would involve sign-stealing,” Lewan retorted this evening, adding a clown emoji to emphasize the point.

Smith inquired if the Offensive Coordinator required assistance in understanding the Safety alignment and Linebacker cues. “Seriously, my friend, let’s not go there. I’m not sure how closely you observed things during your time as a player, but it’s unheard of for any coaching staff to assign such a task to an intern,” he responded.

Interns take the lead in analyzing the film and sharing information about the OC’s tendencies to reduce the workload and enable effective game planning. It seems like this wasn’t the case in the USFL,” Lewan replied.

The ongoing dispute between the two individuals persisted, with Smith continually emphasizing his coaching expertise, even though Lewan, an undeniable NFL first-round talent with a decade of league experience, clearly outshone him. In an unexpected twist, Lewan initially offered Smith an opportunity to appear on his “Bussin’ with the Boys” podcast. However, Lewan playfully withdrew the invitation, intensifying their ongoing banter.

As we approach this year’s Michigan-Ohio State game scheduled for the end of the month, we can expect a surge in social media banter and fervent interactions between Wolverine and Buckeye enthusiasts. The online rivalry is poised to intensify as excitement builds for this epic showdown.

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